Entry #1

Made new music! (+sneak peek of Lucidrine's game)

2010-05-26 04:45:30 by AtelierLucid

Just noticed i haven't made any news post yet, soo...

Hiya guys, i made new music. Check it out, you wont be dissapointed! (perhaps)

Also here's the (unfinished) screenshot of lucidrine's upcoming game "Revenue Rochette". Some mini idle-game With economy-theme and some RPG elements.

Well then, that's all. cya!

Made new music! (+sneak peek of Lucidrine's game)


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2010-05-26 08:04:49

that game looks pretty nice! any release date announced yet?
music is also good

AtelierLucid responds:

Game has no release date yet... Probably on Early or Mid June (Too much reading Light Novels so haven't done the code yet).

Anyway, thanks! :D


2010-05-26 10:03:00

Good stuff in here! :D

AtelierLucid responds:



2010-05-26 10:41:41

Look like some kind of GBA or NDS game at first,cuz the art is soooo nice, like it a lot!!!
and the music, some part is boring, but some is really good,dont know why but that's my thinking
looking forward to playing this

AtelierLucid responds:

Hehe, thank you, i hope i'll get the right mood soon so the game will be finished fast =_=".


2010-05-26 17:20:37

it was good music. seems like a game also.

.......... nothing else i can think of right now though ............

its only because i am kinda bored though... it dosnt involve you though, i just said this because im bored... lol :l


2012-01-08 15:08:23

The music sounds good and the game looks shweet. More than enough for one post if you ask me :b